Paris, 7 & 8 octobre 2017


Veggie Pride english version

Press release — Veggie Pride 2016


Why a Veggie Pride?

Each year, our societies exploit and kill hundreds of billions of animals. These slaughters happen for unnecessary reasons, in order to get dispensable food and materials. By acting against other animals like that, we attack their fundamental interest to enjoy their life without suffering.
Until recently, our societies were engaged in this violent exploitation without questioning themselves. The prevailing ideology justified disregarding non-human sentient beings. This ideology is called “speciesism”. Like other ideologies based on disdain and domination, speciesism relies on falsehood, omission, denial and violence.
These days, the speciesist order crumbles. Its very existence is called into question and attacked.
We now acknowledge that other animals have mental abilities that have been denied them in the past. We feel and understand that they are closer to “us”, humans, whereas we claimed only a few years ago that we were radically different.
Above all, we take into consideration what they feel and experience. Their lives and deaths are critical and essential to them, and thus critical and essential in themselves. Just like ours, and for the same reasons.
We know now that there is no valid justification for denying that what they feel matter as much as what we, humans, feel. More and more of us turn away from this exploitation and think that their fundamental interests deserve the same consideration as ours.
The very trivial act of eating sentient beings flies in the face of their interest to live without suffering and reflects that in this speciesist order, we are the masters and they are the slaves. When one refuses to eat flesh, one strongly breaks with the speciesist order. By going vegan, we implicitly claim that other animals matter, enough for us to stop taking part in their exploitation.
Individuals who turn away from speciesism and reject the consumption of sentient beings’ corpses have to face hostile reactions. Vegephobia, for instance: contemptuous attacks and mockeries aiming at discouraging conscientious objectors from persevering in their insubordination, or at silencing them or destroying their credibility. A lot of people are thus deterred from becoming vegetarians, let alone vegans, or even from claiming explicitly that they refuse to contribute to the slaughter of animals. But this vegephobia too is progressively undermined.
We are growing in numbers, and we dare to speak our minds about what we think and what we want. This speciesist order is unjustifiable, has done more harm than any other historical catastrophe and must be put down. Animal farming, breeding, fishing, hunting, as well as the sale and use of animal products must be banned.
Our societies are based on human domination, on the world and on the other sentient beings. We reject this barbaric order and claim that our civilization will change: we will keep the best it has to offer in order to create a better society based on moral, justice, kindness, sharing and equality.
A new world is possible: it’s underway!


What is the Veggie Pride?

The Veggie Pride is a peaceful and legal march whose purpose is to express publicly the existence of those who refuse to eat animals and their solidarity with the victims of animal exploitation, of slaughter and fishing.
Hundreds of people come to state that they don’t eat animals, out of respect, and they want society to rethink flesh consumption and unnecessary harm done to animals.
From 2001 to 2012, the march took place in France(Paris, Lyon and Marseille), bringing together French and Italian participants.
In 2008, a march took place in Italy (Milan).
The first international Veggie Pride took place in Switzerland (Geneva) in 2013, bringing together more than 1000 people. It placed an emphasis on the demands concerning the abolition of meat.
Since 2014, the march takes place in Paris for an annual gathering of about 1000 people.
In 2016, the Veggie Pride will express its opposition to speciesism, to vegephobia and to the exploitation of animals, while focusing on aquatic animals: fish, cephalopods and crustaceans.



Friday 10/07/16:

Espace Jean Dame
17 rue Leopold Bellan , 75002 Paris
Métro Sentier (M°3)


Saturday 10/08/2016:


The 16th edition of the Veggie Pride will take place in Paris, Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad, on October 8th, 2016.
► Let’s affirm our rejection of animal consumption and exploitation in large numbers;
► Let’s speak out against speciesism animals are victims of;
► Let’s assert our ethical way of life and reject stigmatization, aka vegephobia.

The March will be a dynamic protest march giving a voice to animals. This year, we focus on aquatic animals, too often overlooked.

The March will open on a batacuda, with dancers wearing animal masks. A performance picturing aquatic life and fishing will follow. Then, the parade will continue, with slogans chanted by participants representing land animals used for food, supported by “giant” animals.

Everyone will be able to carry a placard they made, either opposing speciesism or promoting a 100% vegan diet; they will also be able to come and pick one up at the Veggie Pride stand.

Like every year, we ask everybody to speak on their own behalf during the March, and not for an association/organization (no flag or banner from an association, etc.).

The Veggie Pride is a very unique event that allows, once during the year, to state, loudly and clearly, our convictions and decisions in regards to respecting animals; don’t miss your chance! ;)

The March will start at 3PM. As for the route, it’s under way, and will follow a loop from and to the Vegan Village.



A vegan village, which will be the starting point for the march, will be held from 12h to 19h. Below, you will find a non-exhaustive list of the exhibitors you will find there!

  • 269 Life France
    269 Life France is a citizen movement linked to the 269 Life movement. This movement born in Israel was named after a saved calf, who was labelled “269”.
  • Animaux en Péril
    In the last 33 years, AnimauxenPéril has been one of the most important Belgian associations in the field of animal protection. It nurses, heals and replaces equidae and farm animals who have been abandoned, in particular those who have suffered violence or serious negligence.
  • Antidote Europe
    Antidote Europe promotes modern and reliable scientific research methods without any animal testing, issues warnings about the dangerousness some chemicals have on human health, and conducts campaigns to encourage legislative change.
  • ARA Chocolats
    A chocolate roaster and seller producing bars, candies and pralines from vegan and mainly organic ingredients.
  • Association Végétarienne de France
    The AVF is the main structure promoting vegetarianism in France since 1995.
  • Avenir Vegan
    Avenir Vegan is a young association from Strasbourg whose purpose is to promote a vegan lifestyle.
  • C’est assez !
    Association active in the protection of captive cetaceans (dolphins, belugas or orcas), and committed to make slaughters of cetaceans stop.
  • CCE²A
    CCE2A (Collective Against Animal Testing and Exploitation) exposes the aberrations and dangers of animal testing, by promoting alternative methods and fighting animal exploitation in all its forms.CCE2A organizes or partakes in actions (marches, investigations, rescues) with a view to promote antispeciesism, veganism and respect towards animals.
  • Chattrap 92
    The association Chattrap 92 takes care of felines (foster care, sterilizations, in-field care), to limit the proliferation of felines and stray cats.
  • Cloud Cakes
    Cloud Cakes is a project for a vegan coffee shop in Paris.
  • Code Animal
    Code Animal is an animal protection association whose focus is oncaptivity: circuses, zoos, dolphinariums or exotics pets.
  • Combactive
    Association active in nature and animal rights protection.
  • Droits des animaux
    Association dedicated to raise awareness about questions regarding animals, as well as legal action and consulting.
  • Éditions l’Âge d’Homme
    L’Âge d’Homme is a publisher created in Lausanne in 1966. It published numerous essays on political, historical, cultural or philosophical matters, and, in recent years, several books dedicated to issues regarding animals.
  • Galgos Ethique Europe
    Galgos Ethique Europe fights the little known phenomenon of hare hunting with Spanish greyhounds (galgos); the greyhounds are exploited until they died.
  • Gwendoline Yzèbe – Livre « Vivre Végane »
    Gwendoline Yzèbewill present her latest book, “Vivre Végane” (live vegan), published by Le Livre de Poche. Be it for an autograph or not, she will gladly meet you!
  • HANK
    Have A Nice Karma (HANK for those in the know)! Delicious vegan burgers joint based in Paris.
  • Happy Epicerie Bio
    Take-away vegan food joint, located in Bois-le-Roi (Seine-et-Marne).
  • Info végane
    Info végane shares news and information related to veganism via video or posts, with a view to facilitate the transition towards a vegan diet.
  • L214
    Animal protection association focused on animals used in food production (meat, dairy, eggs, fish…) and exposing the conditions in which they are raised, transported, fished or slaughtered.
  • Lamazuna
    Lamazuna is a small French business created in 2010 and offering innovative, ethical and vegan hygiene products.
  • Le bon goût du naturel
    100% vegan bread and pastries. Baker Laurent Louis also offers a catering service.
  • Le Comptoir Vegan
    LeComptoir Vegan is an online sales platform offering vegan and palm-oil free products.
  • Les Effronté-e-s
    In order to make critical social struggles converge, the feminist association Les Effronté-e-s fights sexism, homophobia, racism and capitalism. It opens up today to the fight against speciesism, for a just and equal society.
  • Lilys Cakes
    Lilys Cakes offers you delicious pastries and a catering service. You can taste and order in the vegan village.
  • Manger Végétalien
    Vegan catering service based in Argenteuil, drawing its inspiration from Indian cuisine.
  • Matina Upcycling with ANRH
    Ready-made clothes brand specialized in recycling.
  • Merci la mode ! byAnimavie&ClicAnimaux
    Animavie, with the support of ClicAnimauxorganizes the “Merci la mode !” campaign, for a fur-free fashion.
  • Miaoum Vg
    Culinary products cooked by Aurélie (Brittany), from 100% vegan ingredients. Vegan “saucissons” (sausages), chorizos, cheeses, pâtés, muffins or marshmallows! Delivery across France and catering service for special events.
  • My Kitch’n
    Healthy vegan cafe, restaurant and green smoothie bar in Paris, run by Jennifer, with homemade food, fresh and seasonal organic produce. My Kitch’n also organizes cooking workshop.
  • Pachamamaï
    Vegan and natural cosmetics brand, committing to respect biodiversity.
  • Pascale Corbin – Livre « La domination humaine »
    « La domination humaine » is a comprehensive book, indispensable when trying to know more about antispeciesism. Singer Stone, Yves Bonnardel, poet JM Governatori, Dr. Jérôme Bernard-Pellet and veterinarian and Proanima member Salomé Pollet took part in this work.
  • Paulette in the Truck
    Paulette in the Truck is on a tour across the Paris region with her food truck to help you discover vegan wraps and other delights.
  • PEA
    PEA is an association from Romandy (Switzerland) located in several cantons (Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg and Valais) providing inputs to the debate concerning the unfair use of animals as mere resources. The main goal of PEA is to promote the protection of animal’s dignity and well-being, by creating a public debate on animal exploitation and speciesism.
  • Radio Parole d’Animaux
    THE radio to keep oneself informed of everything related to the fight for animal protection.
  • Réseau-Cétacés
    Réseau-Cétacés wasbornin 1989. Today, the association is one of the main sources of cetacean-related information for the public. This network includes scientists, students, associations, public authorities, media, personalities connected to the marine sphere and all sorts of cetacean enthusiasts. The association participates in international meetings to advance the cause of cetacean, shares information related to the marine world, fishing or captivity centers like dolphinariums.
  • Réseau Convergence des Luttes
    Network bringing together activists jointly fighting oppression in all its form. The link with animalism? Nowadays, the standard earthling individual in the collective unconscious is the able-bodied straight white male. As long as this won’t be questioned, « girl », « gay », « animal », etc. will be used as insults.
  • Respectons
    Respectons is committed to protecting animals (fostering, nursing, feeding, sterilizing…), defending their rights, and promoting alternative ways to stop animal testing and vivisection. It promotes veganism, better relationships between human beings and animals, and respect for the environment. It looks after shelters La Chaume (Yonne, France) and Oaza (Serbia). You can help by donating or volunteering.
  • Rev’Animal
    Association created in 2011 with a view to help and rescue animals (mainly dogs, exceptionally cats) in distress and abusive situation in the Paris region, and animals in impoundment risking euthanasia throughout France.
  • Sea Shepherd
    Sea Shepherd was founded by Captain Paul Watson in Canada in 1977. Its missions are ocean and marine biodiversity protection and conservation, and its main goal is to stop seal hunting and illegal activities related to whale hunting. It now fills a void, in the absence of police operations on the high seas, to ensure that laws concerning ocean and marine life protection are respected. It also raises public awareness on these issues.
  • Un Monde Vegan
    Un Monde Vegan is an online sales platform offering vegan products, as well as a wholesaler owning two shops, in Paris and Lyon.
  • Vegan Folie’s
    100% organic and vegan cake shop in the Mouffetard district (Paris), where you can enjoy cheesecakes, cupcakes, brownies or cookies, as well as savoury snacks. Vegan Folie’s also organizes on a regular basis talks about animal ethics.
  • Vegan Impact
    Vegan Impact is a young animal protection association raising awareness on animal exploitation and veganism.
  • Veg’Gaïa
    Vegan catering service and cooking workshops located in Reims and proposed by Séverine.
  • Veggie Bokit – spécialités antillaises
    Veggie Bokit – Spécialités antillaises (West Indian culinary specialties) and Trai offer “bokit” (West Indian sandwich), as well as side dishes: aloko (fried plantains), vegetables accras (fritters), and sweet potatoes.



Let’s keep the party going with The Veggie Pride after-pride event! It will take place from 7PM to 1AM in the Freegan Pony.

The soirée will be a relaxing time for militants and participants, and will also give a chance to meet each other, to discuss what we can do and to project into a fairer, antispeciesist and vegan world. You can pay what you want for admission, to support the Veggie Pride.

The Freegan Pony, first participative restaurant in Europe, is meddling with food industry in order to contribute to waste minimization. The restaurant, located in Porte de la Villette, offers a menu prepared from unsold fruits and vegetables from the Rungis International Market, and cooked by chefs.

A pay what you want dinner will be offered so everyone can eat, in order to help everyone discover the delights of vegan food.

Learn about the Freegan Pony:
Se rendre au Freegan Pony

During the night, we’ll be happy to welcome three DJs supporting the Veggie Pride Paris!


Sunday 10/09/2016:

  • Lectures on animal ethics, focusing on fish and other aquatic species.
  • Speakers (in French): Catherine Hélayel, Jean-Luc Daub, Pierre Sigler, Sébastien Moreau.

Espace Jean Dame
17 rue Leopold Bellan , 75002 Paris
Métro Sentier (M°3)